Wahoo Tickr Vs Garmin Soft Strap Premium: A Heart Rate Monitor Battle

Numerous heart rate monitors are for sale on the market these days. The Wahoo Tickr and Garmin Soft Strap Premium are by far two of the best options available, but which is better? I tested them head to head to decide which one is worth the money.

The two devices are very similar in size and weight (1.5g-1.6g) although the Garmin is a smidge smaller. Both devices are well-constructed, but the Garmin feels much sturdier and well built. I didn’t happen to fall on either device, but it is quite apparent that the Garmin would outlast the Wahoo in a direct hit. The straps the two devices attach to are almost identical in size, weight, and material, although Garmin’s strap has four connection points to your body versus Wahoo’s two, which allows for slightly better readings.

There is one factor that makes one of these devices better than the other. The Garmin connects to devices via ANT+ technology, which means it can connect to most cycling computers (such as the Garmin Edge, Fenix, Forerunner, etc.).  The Wahoo also connects via ANT+ technology (so it can connect to any device the Garmin can) BUT the Wahoo also can connect via Bluetooth 4.0!  That makes the Wahoo compatible with almost any device you can get your hands on. If you use Iphone/Android for tracking (Strava, Cyclemeter, etc.) the Wahoo will connect directly to your phone, which the Garmin cannot do.

Both are nice devices, but the Wahoo’s Bluetooth 4.0 technology is a game changer. For that reason, the Wahoo Tickr takes my vote and is the device I will continue using.

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