TRP Evos Their Brake Lineup with Bigger Hoses, Thicker Discs, and Better Flow

TRP Slate and Trail brakes see tech trickle down from their DHR-Evo mountain bike disc brakes.
Photos: TRP Cycling

We briefly checked out TRP’s newest brakes at the Big Gear Show, and now the brand has some firmer details. TRP has had success with their e-bike ready DHR-Evo brakes, that were turned into DH-race brakes, and they’ve implemented those features in their Slate Evo and Trail Evo brakes for a better fit with trail bikes.

Those brakes are now made for thicker 2.3mm brake rotors, with a caliper ready to accept the fatter discs. The brake fluid channels inside the calipers have been redesigned without any harsh lines for better flow and pressure, and TRP is using light action seals, new hoses, and the same performance resin pads that the DHR-Evo comes with.

Trail Evo

The Trail Evo is an evolution of their Quadiem brake and is “the brake of choice for hardcore trail, enduro, and heavy E-MTB riding offering more modulation and a smooth onset of power for an unmatched experience of control,” says TRP.

The Trail Evo uses the same caliper as the DHR-Evo and a 10mm master cylinder piston. Brake fade is reduced with 2.3mm rotors and oil circulates 360° around the caliper. The caliper will have 16mm pistons all around.

The Trail Evo uses a new lever blade, a 5mm brake hose, and a comes in a gloss black finish. Price is $209 per brake (available on Amazon), not including rotors. The claimed weight is 310g.

Slate Evo

The Slate Evo merges the tech of the DHR-Evo and the Slate T4 brakes for lightweight e-bikes and trail riders. The high-flow caliper and high-performance mineral oil delivers a 270° boiling point, matching the DHR-Evo.

The Slate Evo also gets a new ergonomic lever blade, and a 10mm master cylinder piston. The caliper ditches the gloss for a matte black finish, saving the brand and buyer money and keeping things simple.

The brakes weigh a claimed 300g per set and cost $140 per wheel (available at Amazon), just $20 more than the Slate T4, not including rotors. For more information check out the TRP website.

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