Troy Lee Designs Just Dropped Spring Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets

Troy Lee Designs (TLD) released their spring full face mountain bike helmets and beyond the colors and graphics (which are super rad), there are some minor updates to the D3 full face helmets riders will want to know about.

If you’re familiar with Troy Lee Designs at all, you know the graphics are always bold and frankly, sometimes they’re pretty far out there. If you’re like me, you’ve wondered: What the heck is this guy on? Here’s the answer from Troy Lee himself:

I get asked all the time; ‘Troy, where do you get your design inspiration from?’ and I have to pause, because I am surrounded by so many creative outlets, whether it is new carbon bikes, motorcycles, artists, paint colors, the list goes on and on. This year for our bicycle line I felt inspired with what I saw on the trail…in the wild. My youngest kids are riding their bikes a lot more and seeing the ride experience through their eyes is like a bicycle rebirth for me, I am loving it. From our family rides on our local Laguna Beach trails, to the big pilgrimage we make to Whistler, Canada, I find inspiration in the shapes and colors that are all over outdoors…they say you have to stop and smell the roses, it’s very true.

Well there you go: Troy Lee is high on mountain biking, everything from the bikes to the trails to the experience of riding with people you love.

D3 Full-Face Mountain Bike Helmet

The D3 is TLD’s flagship model and it’s worn by plenty of big name riders like Brandon Semenuk and Aaron Gwin. Aside from the new designs and colorways shown below, TLD also tweaked the shape of the helmet slightly for improved comfort and to make the helmet accessible to more riders with presumably different head shapes and sizes. The helmet is sold is sizes ranging from extra small all the way up to 2XL and everything in between, which is pretty impressive given that many helmet companies stick with just two: small/medium and medium/large.

The company also tweaked the 3D cheek pads for improved fit and added additional foam (EPS) around the front of the helmet for increased protection. The D3 is offered in two basic models: the less expensive helmets utilize a composite (plastic) shell while the Carbon versions use, well, a carbon shell. Both models feature a titanium D-ring (bling!) and range from $375 to $450 retail.

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D2 Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

The D2 actually preceded the D3 to market and it’s a solid choice for riders who need serious protection but don’t quite have the scratch for a D3. This design has long been refined and tested so this season there are no changes to the helmet itself beyond new colorways and designs.



A1 Extended Coverage

The A1 is one of TLD’s newest designs and it offers a lightweight, vented lid with extended protection in the rear. TLD touts the triple-position retention system, which is designed to work with whatever eyewear you choose to use on the trail.


Most of the new helmets are available now from and should be available from various retailers very soon.