The WTB Verdict is One Tough Tire for eMTB and Enduro [Review]

The WTB Verdict is the brand's more heavyweight and aggressive, front-focused tire designed for eMTB and enduro mountain biking.
WTB Verdict eMTB tire

The WTB Verdict is the brand’s more heavyweight and aggressive, front-focused tire. Weighing a hefty 1,257g, buyers are prioritizing grip over weight on these. A hefty tire like this should be able to take any abuse you throw at it, right?

I wanted to answer the question for myself so I decided to throw a WTB Verdict 2.5×29″ TCS Tough/High Grip 60tpi TriTec E25 tire on my E-bike(Orbed Rise H) since this version happens to be E-Bike compatible. If the Verdict can take eMTB abuse, it should withstand almost anything riders throw at it.

Getting this “Tough” version tire onto my 30mm wheel took some effort but not as much as a DD casing Maxxis tire.

Climbing with the WTB Verdict

I won’t be the first to tell you that the WTB Verdict grips! The tire I tested is the High Grip version, made from tackier rubber and not to mention the big ol’ knobs that are putting in work as soon as you get rolling.

Climbing on the e-bike with the Verdict was even more rewarding than usual. The bike crawled its way up almost anything, especially when putting in extra power. I never once felt the front of the bike lose its composure on tight technical climbs. A noticeable rolling resistance could be felt while in Eco mode, but there was no noticeable additional battery consumption compared to less draggy front tires. If you’re riding a non e-bike, this tire might require shifting to a bigger cog on your journey up the mountain.


Once you start letting go of the brakes, the WTB Verdict lets you know right away that you are in control. Those big, spaced out knobs start to dig into the dirt faster than you can say “Tritec Compound”. Three distinct rubber compounds put in work while you think about what to eat for lunch.

The stiffer, bottom layer underneath offers structural support for all those big knobs, delivering consistent predictability even on a heavy bike. On top of that layer, the center knobs get a medium stiffness rubber compound for excellent traction without feeling “draggy”. I felt those center knobs carry speed so well when going down hardpack, dusty moon dirt, and even big loose, sharp, baseball-sized rocks. That medium durometer rubber should offer better durability in the long run as well.

At the outer knobs above the first layer you will find the softest rubber compound for maximum grip. Leaning hard into berms, and any turn really, has never been so satisfying. Like velcro. No matter what level of a rider you are, you will appreciate how well the Verdict gets you in and out of corners. While the Verdict is positioned as a front-focused tire, if your riding conditions are very demanding, the Verdict could work as a rear tire. This might come in handy for heavy full size e-bikes that demand all the possible grip you can get, especially with those high torque motors.

Casing support

Hitting turns on a 45lb+ e-bike or hefty 37lb enduro bike puts a lot of pressure on the tires, no pun intended. Gripping those corners is good and all, but you’ll want cornering support when you’re really leaning into it. The bead to bead 60 TPI dual-ply “Tough” casing on the WTB Verdict really helped to maintain the tire profile with around 260lb of weight on top, even when dropping my tire pressure down to 25psi front and back with no tire inserts. With this setup the bike felt in line with my every maneuver. As a plus, I haven’t experienced any punctures on this tubeless tire yet, knock on wood.

WTB Verdict mountain bike tire

Pros and cons of the WTB Verdict mountain bike tire


  • Uncompromised grip
  • Enduro/DH/eMTB tough
  • Justifiable price


Heavy tire, especially if not used on an eMTB

Final Verdict

One of the best upgrades you can make to any mountain bike is to buy good rubber since it’s the only thing making contact between your bike and the trail. The Verdict will help you stop almost instantly when you have an “oh shit” moment. Plain and simple, the WTB Verdict provides excellent stopping power, especially if you run the tire front and back.

I can confidently say that the WTB Verdict has earned its place at the front of my bike, especially for the justifiable price of $89.95. This version of the Verdict took the abuse of an e-bike without missing a heartbeat, and for those riding without a motor looking for some tough, grippy rubber, this tire should meet your expectations as well.