The Mountain Bikes of Interbike 2011

All the 2011/12 mountain bikes from Interbike 2011.

While the other MTB sites focus on the “booth babes” and “girls of Interbike,” we thought we’d do something different and focus on the mountain bikes (weird, we know). Here are just a few bikes we found ourselves drooling over at the show.

Santa Cruz Blur TR. Carbon, 5 inches of travel, 26″ wheels.

Felt Nine. Carbon hardtail 29er. Stock weight: 21-22 lbs.

LaPierre Team DH.

Look 920. FS carbon.

Look 986. Carbon hardtail.

Mountain Cycle Twentynine and Thirteen. Hardtail 29er, belt drive compatible.

Mountain Cycle San Andreas 2.0.

Mountain Cycle Zen II.

Santa Cruz Highball. Hardtail 29er.

Pivot Mach 5.7 Carbon. 26er.

Salsa Horsethief. FS 29er with 5 inches of front and rear travel.

Norco Sight.

Intense Hard Eddie 29.

Intense Tracer 29.

Moots Divide.

Moots MX Divide.

Diamondback Dixon. Hardtail 29er with 66-degree headtube and all-mountain fork.

Diamondback Sortie 29 Black.

Diamondback Scapegoat.

Diamondback DF5 DH Prototype.

Breezer #1. From the note card: “Breezer #1 is widely considered the first modern mountain bike. Joe debuted this bike on Repack in the fall of 1977 and won five straight Repacks – the new bike was a sensation.”

Salsa Spearfish. FS 29er.

Much more from Interbike: components, trends, and additional test ride reports coming soon!