Still Looking for a Shimano or SRAM 12-speed Chain? We Found Them on Amazon

Finding new bikes for sale has been a problem for a while, though for those who already own a bike, the real fear is wearing through parts and not being able to replace them. One item that has been particularly difficult to find is 12-speed Shimano bike chains, and a quick check shows them backordered everywhere from JensonUSA to REI and Worldwide Cyclery.

As it turns out a few sellers on Amazon actually have 12-speed Shimano chains in stock. One listing notes in large, red font, “Only 10 left in stock – order soon.” Wait, someone has TEN Shimano 12-speed chains in stock?!? That’s like saying you only own one yacht. And the prices don’t even seem to be marked up all that much.

It seems some sellers on eBay have new Shimano 12-speed chains in stock, though in our experience these listings can be hit or miss.

SRAM 12-speed chains seem to be in short supply in the usual places as well. Fortunately we found some Amazon sellers for these too:

If you let your chain go too long and need to replace a cassette as well, well that sucks. Those are hard to find too. JensonUSA notes they expect to get more in December. Once again, Amazon sellers seem to have them now.

Which parts are you still having a hard time finding? Let us know in the comments!