State Bicycle Co. Collaborated with the Grateful Dead on a Klunker-Style Bike Made for Today

State Bicycle Co and the Grateful Dead have collaborated on a bike that was made for a release on the 20th of April. The collaborative is an “effort to spread good vibes and take the recent bike boom to new heights. Both State Bicycle Co. and The Grateful Dead have built their respective followings around awareness, self-expression, and freedom.”

On top of the knobby-tired Klunker, State has Grateful Dead jerseys, bib shorts, saddles, grip tape, and caps, all with the Dead Head skulls and/or dancing bears.

“Having teamed up with the Grateful Dead, we are combining environmental consciousness with the free spirit that has characterized multiple generations of Dead Heads around the world. The music and the vibe of the Grateful Dead is a perfect match for the expansive feelings we all gain through bicycling!” said State’s co-founder Mehdi Farsi.

There are two limited editions of the Klunker available, one with bears and one with bolts. The Klunker is sort of a mountain bike, BMX, cruiser, single-speed hybrid, but since it has knobby tires, we’re pretty sure that means it’s a mountain bike. 🙂

The Klunker has a steel frame with a 5-year warranty, BMX handlebars with Vans grips, 2.3″ wide WTB tires, and flat pedals. Tired of mountain bikes in the thousands-of-dollars range? This one rings at $550; just don’t expect to get any sort of bump-soaking suspension platform on it.

See the full collection of Grateful Dead bike apparel here. State expects the collab products to “sell out faster than a ticket to see the Dead in concert.”

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