SRAM Component Groups at Interbike

Hooking up with Morgan and Tyler from SRAM at Interbike, trek7k and I had a chance to go over the 2011 SRAM MTB product line. We got an up close look at the XX, X0, and X9 groups as well as all the other great mountain bike components. Overall I was really impressed with the SRAM booth – it had to be the biggest at Interbike. Everything was displayed in cool-looking cases like we were in a jewelery store display plus they had iPads and flat screen TVs up front!

We started off with a quick tour of the XX product line. The XX is the only SRAM group that is only offered in a 2×10 configuration (no 3×10 option available). Even though people may think the XX line is for XC racers only, don’t be surprised to see see this group on almost any style of bike, from DH to XC. The real star here is the carbon composite/aluminum cranks that weigh a scant 694 grams (with the BB30 option)

In my bike photo above you can see the rear derailleur and if you look closely you can almost see through the feather-light rear cassette (takes 9 hours to make one of these on a CNC machine). These cassettes weigh in at just 208 grams (11-36t), light enough for even the pickiest weight weenie. Heck, even the rear derailleur weighs less than 181 grams.

SRAM is always looking to take things to the next level so it comes as no surprise that the all new XX World Cup brake went on a diet and weighs a supermodel-thin 279 grams. SRAM also dropped the contact adjustment and with an obsidian black finish, these brakes look purdy.

The 2011 XO line is full of options for you and your bikes, including colors (red, black, gold and blue). You also have a choice with the XO to run 2×10 or 3×10 with multiple gear ratios available. With a new chassis in the rear derailleur you’re also looking at weight savings (about 200 grams depending on cage length) and greater strength. A new front derailleur is available with four clamping options to fit virtually any frame. To complete the group, Avid has a set of matching XO brakes that are Matchmaker X compatible plus a slightly less expensive cassette arrangement made from stamped steel instead of solid machined metal.

I was particularly interested in the X9 group as it offers the go-to components that most people will rock on their rides. This year the X9 group is all about options, tons of options. Just like the X0, the X9 can be configured as a 2×10 or 3×10 system. SRAM also offers Avid Elixir CR brakes and X9 hub options including new 142mm widths for your XC/AM rig.

As with the X0 line, you can choose from multiple colors (red, white, and gray make for many good color combos). SRAM ensures that the entire line-up is ber compatible, including all the stems, bars , and grips.

The new CODE brake also caught my eye at Interbike. Compared to last year’s version the new CODE is more compact and, in my opinion, a better solution. You still get a very stout lever fully supported on bearings plus taper bore technology and the same integrated reservoir as the other Elixir series brakes. At 410 grams there are some weight savings as well.

So grab yourself a coffee or another beverage and check out all the 2011 component choices at Rockshox, Truvativ, and Avid. You can also keep up with the latest right here on the blog with upcoming reviews of the X0 group and other hot gear from SRAM coming soon.

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