Spank Tools for Superheros

Hi everyone. Well one of the first stops for me this year at Interbike was a visit with a friend of mine Lance Tueller, the Importer of Spank / iXS / and Morewood bikes. This year Spank went and spent a ton of time developing and improving an already impressive line-up of components. Basically the message that I got was lighter, stronger, and bling. Everything from the Subrosa line of bars, rims, and saddles to the ber-tough Stiffy line of products got a once-over from the folks down at Spank. The new rims have two unique features that no other brand that I can think of has yet: the “Ooh-Bah” profile and bead nip technology. The Ooh-Bah profile is being carried to nearly all the rims in their line-up. Speaking of the line-up, Spank rims start from 23mm outside rim width all the way to a massive 40mm. I’m talking crazy Rampage dimensions!

Now another new item that is just awesome is the Spike pedal and honestly the pictures just dont give these jewels justice. For one thing the super low profile and the chamfered ends are simply amazing, especially for a pedal that boasts a generous platform with 9 pins on each surface and coming in at about 400 grams. Watch out for these pedals, I’m sure you’re going to see many of these on some up and coming bikes because of the great design. The inner bearing is placed as close as possible to the crank while the pedal body is tapered at the crank end to naturally move your foot onto the platform.

The Spike range has a nice bar coming in at 777mm wide and three rises (1, 2, and 3 inches) making this one very friendly to the gravity crowd. To top it off, the stunning anodizing and graphics makes this a bar to grab hold of. There’s also a re-engineered stem for the Boxxer / Fox crowd plus a price reduction which makes the stem even more attractive.

Check out all this and more at Spank Bike’s website.