Scented bar grips, military folding mountain bikes, and more from Interbike 2010

While element22 and I haven’t had a ton of time to wander around the show so far, we have come across a few strange and interesting products like:

Scented bar grips. Spank’s Tugg Job Grips come in scented fruit flavors like apple, orange, and grape (pictured). We’re told the scent, which you can smell from a few feet away, should last a good 3-4 months. Beyond the fruity stuff we think pine would be a good scent for a freeride grip while the smell of dirt might work for a DH grip. 🙂

Yakima is making post-ride celebrations easier to open thanks to an integrated bottle opener in one of their latest hitch-mount bike racks. Mountain biking + tailgating = awesome.

Anyone remember the bamboo bicycle? This year we spotted a couple wooden bikes that are truly stunning works of art. Weighing in between 50 and 75 pounds, these human-powered choppers can be customized to your heart’s desire at a price of course. The pirate/skull version in the background is made from maple and took around 100 man hours to build. I wonder how that bike would handle off road

Did you know marine paratroopers ride folding mountain bikes? I certainly didn’t but apparently Swiss company Montague has been making a version of their patented folding bike for the US military for years. The compact bikes can be airdropped along with troops to provide contingency ground transport for gear and for the troops themselves. The frames are certainly Klein Mantra-esque in profile and we’re told they make a great second mountain bike for traveling.

Stay tuned for more wild and wacky stuff from Las Vegas