Review: POC Cornea Flow Goggles

POC has a long, long history of producing high-quality gear in the snow sports industry, and along the way they’ve learned more than a thing or two about helmets and goggles. Transitioning that knowledge over to mountain biking is a no-brainer, and what results is fantastic-quality eyewear.

2015-06-08 poc cornea flow

From the moment I pulled the POC Cornea Flow goggles out of the box, the high quality construction instantly impressed me. These goggles just feel solid and well-made, but are flexible enough to adjust to anyone’s face and to flex with your body, thanks to the outrigger design of the soft polyurethane frame. Also, the strong, rubberized band is adjustable, allowing for a secure fit no matter the helmet.


The orange semi-reflective lenses look snazzy, and cut down on glare, too. While you might not be able to visibly see the technology in this dual lens design, it’s made of an optical-grade polycarbonate outer lens with a cellulose propionate inner lens, according to POC. The lens comes treated with both anti-scratch and anti-fog layers.

DH shredding at Steamboat Bike Park
DH shredding at Steamboat Bike Park

The triple-layer face foam of varying densities offers a pillow-soft feel! In fact, these goggles were so comfortable during my summer shredding that I started using them for skiing early on this winter season, instead of my standard goggles. However, due to the outrigger design attachment points that allow for excellent venting around the sides, coupled with great venting top and bottom through thin layers of foam, these were too chilly to wear on the ski slopes. That said, this ventilation is absolutely perfect for shredding DH when the temps are much warmer. This ventilation kicks in and decimates any chance at fogging, and kept my face cool even on hot days.

IMG_0105 (1)

As you can probably tell, I’m pretty stoked on these goggles! Out on the trail I had zero issues with fit or function. They performed perfectly, were uber comfortable, provided a secure fit, and the lenses were tinted enough to cut down on harsh sunlight but not so tinted that they were too dark in moody, cloudy conditions.

Bottom line, I can’t recommend these goggles highly enough.

MSRP: $150

Thanks to POC for providing the Cornea Flow goggles for review!