Review: Peak Design Capture P.O.V. Action Mount Camera Clip

capture pov packaging

I’ve had a GoPro for many years, but I’ve never been satisfied with the straps that come with the unit. As a result, I’ve been more inclined to simply zip tie the camera to my seat bag. Although that’s a semi-functional solution, zip ties do not stabilize the camera, which increases the number of blurry photos. This has lead me to not use my GoPro all that often. So, when Peak Design offered to provide one of their P.O.V. Camera Clips for review, I jumped at the opportunity.

The Capture P.O.V. is a very rugged clip designed to attach to a strap or belt loop. It comes with two plates and a J-arm, which allow for a wide range of shooting positions. The kit also includes: long and short connection screws, two long clamping bolts, a stabilizer pad, a small carrying bag, and a key chain wrench (that features a bottle opener). It’s important to note that this isn’t simply a GoPro device. The “point-and-shoot” plate allows you to fix a wide variety of cameras to the unit. For my testing I used the following:

  • Go Pro Hero
  • FujiFilm FinePix XP70
  • Nikon Coolpix S8100

They all worked perfectly on the Capture P.O.V. Clip.

with ruler

The clip is very adaptable and fits on a wide variety of straps and belt loops. Attaching the clip is simple: place your pack strap between the front and back plate of the clip and tighten the plates in place with clamping bolts. Your camera is affixed to an adapter plate which you slide into the clip’s front face.

The width between the bolts is about three and a half inches, and the longer bolts are just over an inch long. There is enough adjustment space to use this clip on anything from a lightweight hydration pack to a large hiking pack.

clip on strap

There is a red quick release button on the side of the clip that can be turned and locked to keep the adapter plate from accidentally releasing. On the other side of the clip is a plate lock screw which allows for secure tightening. Once the clip and camera were properly installed, I had absolute confidence in the security of my equipment. Even if you break a strap, the camera isn’t likely to go anywhere.

The adapter plate that connects the camera to the clip is a square plate that is the same on all four sides. This allows you to insert the plate into the clip in four different directions, which is very convenient when you want to change your shooting angle.

The J-arm allows for a lot of adjustment while the camera is fixed to the clip.

j-arm extensions

Fixing your camera to your body rather than your bicycle ensures much more stable shooting. You naturally absorb trail shock with your legs, and I didn’t have any blurred or useless pictures at the end of my rides.

My beautiful picture

I thought the product was very intuitive and quick to setup. Once I had the camera on my hydration pack, I started having fun hanging my pack from trees, or setting it by the side of the trail. The clip essentially acts as a trail tripod, and once the GoPro was taking pictures, it was easy to set up some interesting shooting situations.

gopro in tree

I’ll be shooting a race this weekend, and I plan on bringing this unit along, hanging it in a tree, and forgetting about it until the race ends. That way, I can focus on shooting with my DSLR while still being assured of getting some unique perspective pictures. I also played around with hanging my hydration pack from a chain link fence:

chain link fence

Here’s the clip attached to a belt loop, which is probably more effective for hiking than cycling.

clip on belt loop

This is a quality product, well-conceived, expertly-constructed, and highly-functional. It’s instantly apparent that a lot of thought went into the item. Even the packaging is very attractive, which increases the clip’s value as a gift item.


A well-made camera accessory that instantly lends itself to creative use. Great for riding and hiking, the Peak Design Capture P.O.V. Action Mount Camera Clip will help you get the most out of all your cameras.

MSRP: $69.95

Thanks to Peak Design for providing the Capture P.O.V. Action Mount Camera Clip for review.

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