Review: Park Tool PRS-25 Team Issue Repair Stand


I’ve been around bikes for the better part of 40 years, riding, repairing, fixing, designing, modifying, fixing, cleaning, fixing, and crashing. Oh wait.. did I mention fixing? You get the picture. Bikes need constant repair. Today with lightweight and highly-stressed parts I find that my ride needs constant attention, so having a proper stand to hold my bike is crucial.


The Park Tool PRS-25 stand may just be the the perfect solution. Designed to be supremely stable, the 13lb PRS-25 is pretty lightweight for a portable stand. When folded up, it is 47″ long. When open, you can safely extend a bike to a working height of 60″. That’s high enough to get to a bottom bracket without bending over, or to take a good look at your rear derailleur.

With Park’s own 100-25D micro-adjust clamp, you have a working diameter of 7/8 of an inch to 3 inches. The clamp even accommodates aero tubing, if you want to work on your road bike. A narrowish 2.7″ clamp jaw is perfect for smaller frames or the new stealth posts that are popping up.


Unlike other brands, the PRS-25 is made from what Park calls their Hexatude tubing. Hexatude is a hexagonal shape extrusion that reduces the chances for flex and eliminates unwanted rotation.

When open, the three point contact forms a base of 36″ x 36″ x 45″, which is big enough to create a stable platform… even for downhill rigs.


Using the PRS-25 is pretty much idiot proof. The stand feels durable, and there is very little twisting and slipping. Even when my DH rig is placed at an odd angle for service, the stand doesn’t topple or sway around in an unsafe manner.


I personally like the narrow, easy-to-use-clamp. The slot in the clamp also works great for my road bike, which happens to have an aero post. The design is perfect to prevent any unwanted component / frame damage. My Bronson uses a Stealth dropper post, and lucky for me the clamp fits perfectly and doesn’t require me to extend the post out of the frame (you cannot grasp a Reverb post by the upper assembly).


The addition of the 106 tray is an excellent add on that speeds up your work, holding your tools and lubes. If you travel, the travel bag makes transportation easier by storing everything neatly away.

Overall, I am very pleased with the performance, durability, and shop-like quality of the PRS-25.

MSRP: $340

Thanks to the folks at Park Tool for sending the PRS-25 over for review. Stay tuned for more Park-related reviews!