Review: Kali Avana Mountain Bike Helmet

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The Avana from Kali Protectives provides all of Kali’s top technology infused in an all mountain/Enduro-style mountain bike helmet.

Avana Mountain Bike Helmet Specs

Like the Avatar 2, the Avana also uses patented Composite Fusion Plus technology along with carbon fiber and polycarbonate. The carbon acts as a roll cage, keeping things together during an impact, while the polycarbonate increases the overall durability and longevity of the lid. The Avana is based on the Avita’s successful design, but with a long back for extra protection.

For those of you who haven’t read the review on the Avatar 2, Composite Fusion Plus technology incorporates unique pyramids of different foam densities within the EPS/Shell connection.

During impact, as energy is transferred from shell to foam, the unique pyramid shapes collapse first, directing the energy sideways within the foam instead of down to your head. This spreads the impact load over a greater area.

Inside you have a soft liner which is not only comfortable, but it also prevents unwanted guests from entering the 20 vents. (The mesh between the forward-facing vents acts as a bug fly).

As far as certifications are concerned, the Avana covers EN 1078 and CPSC standards.

The retention system is pretty decent, using a proven ratcheting system in the back. Unlike some brands which use stops to lower or raise the retention system, Kali opted for what is best described as a double-folding spring that allows you to catch the curve of the skull nicely.


When it comes to close-fitting clothing, I always have to say this first: try before you buy. Fit is everything when it comes to your safety equipment. That said, the Avana is true to size and fits my medium-sized head very well. I can see some potential issues if you’re a person with a wide skull, so just be aware.

Fitting the ratcheting retention system just under the occipital bone was a non-issue. The Avana stayed put without a hint of wiggle on the trails, even over very rooty areas.

During those steamy-humid days, I would say the Avana vented hot air decently well. Yes, it can get sweaty, but hey, what helmet doesn’t? Overall the liner did an decent job at holding back the waterworks, but on extended rides the liner couldn’t stop the eventual down pour.

Fitting your favorite pair of sunglasses shouldn’t be a problem. My Oakley Jawbones did fine, not touching the helmet at all.

The Avana helmet is available in three different color schemes to help you match your other gear.

As far as protection, I have not yet fallen on my head while wearing the Avana. That said, I still feel confident knowing that Kali has done their homework.

One thing I did notice is that the crown of the Avana sits a bit higher than other lids, making for a high profile. Other than that, the 300-gram weight is pretty respectable compared to other hard-shell offerings.

MSRP: $139

Many thanks to Kali Protectives for sending down the Avana for review.

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