Mountain Bike Clothing Review: Hincapie Power Jersey

While many mountain bikers these days are gravitating toward an “enduro” clothing look–basically jerseys that look no different than technical t-shirts–I’ve only become even more of a stalwart fan of the classic cycling or “roadie” jersey for almost all mountain biking applications… yes, even enduro racing.

Hincapie sent over their Power jersey for review, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this jersey all summer.


Specs (from Hincapie)

  • Quick-drying Aerator™ double weave fabric wicks moisture away from the skin
  • VenTek™ stretch mesh panels provide unprecedented freedom of movement and comfort
  • SPF 30+ by construction for superior UVA/UVB protection
  • Comfortable flat-lock seaming throughout garment
  • Reflective flat-lock thread used on seam at center back mesh panel
  • Black reflective logo treatments for high visibility
  • 3 rear pockets

My Take

Despite being a professed fan of the traditional mountain bike jersey, I thought to myself, “how different can one jersey be from another?” I used to think that all 3-pocket XC jerseys were the same… until I tried out the Power jersey from Hincapie.

For starters, I ordered up a size for a more relaxed fit (I can only go so roadie), and opted for a size large jersey (compared to the size medium bib short I wear from Hincapie). For me, this produced a relaxed-but-not-baggy fit, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

Before we dive into the differences from a normal jersey, I do have to note that all of the classic features I’ve come to love about the 3-pocket-style jersey are here: 3 pockets for convenient stowing and access to all kinds of gear, a full-length zip for easy installation and removal without the need to detach one’s helmet, and also fantastic on-bike ventilation at will.


But how does the Power differ from other cycling jerseys? For one, the fit on the Power is much more natural. On many jerseys, the the number of panels is pretty similar to a t-shirt, just cut tighter into the body and made of polyester. With the Power jersey, there are more panels incorporated around the curves of the body (shoulders, sides, etc.) which help conform to the body’s natural shape. However, many of these panels feature stretch fabric, making this jersey even more form fitting. The way I had it sized, the jersey didn’t fit like a skin suit, but rather just like a natural layer that eliminated tight spots and extra bagginess, all at the same time.

While I do liken the Power to other standard 3-pocket jerseys, it also offers a small zippered pocket, making this technically a 4-pocket design. This small zippered pockets is perfect for stashing keys, cash, or other essentials that you don’t want to risk losing.

Apparently I was breathing pretty hard...
Apparently I was breathing pretty hard…

As the final standout feature compared to most normal cycling jerseys, the Power features a thin rubber strip integrated into the lower rear hem of the jersey. One of my biggest pet peeves with almost all jerseys, XC-style and enduro-style alike, is that they tend to ride up my back whenever I’m wearing a hydration pack. But, with the addition of a small rubber strip, the slightly-longer tail of the Power is much better at staying in place, drastically reducing displacement and bunching. While the ride up effect isn’t completely eliminated, it is noticeably reduced.

Bottom Line

The Power is an ingenius take on the classic cycling jersey with new features that take it to a ‘hole ‘nother level. So if you’re like me and you think the classic mountain bike clothing design is best, pick up the Power and recognize that “classic” can still get better!

MSRP: $120

Thanks to Hincapie for providing the Power for review.

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