Review: Funkier Winter Jacket

Fall is here: there’s no mistaking the shorter days and the crispness in the air. Now is the time to start planning ahead for the upcoming cold weather riding season.

Enter the Winter Jacket from Funkier.


The descriptively-named Winter Jacket is essentially a heavy fleece, with a water and windproof front and sleeves and a ventilated back. The front of the jacket sports a full zipper with a generous tab for operating with gloves on, and the mid-hi collar provides some extra wind blocking when needed. A silicon gripper around the hem helps keep things in place while stretched out on the bike.

Funkier Winter Jacket
The Funkier Winter Jacket is also good for skiing.

A pair of zippered front pockets and a waterproof, zippered back pocket round out the features of this simply-designed garment.

As with other Funkier garments I have used, the stitching and overall construction of the Winter Jacket are excellent.

Out on the Trail

The first impression I had when donning this jacket was, “This thing is warm.” Very warm. In fact, too warm unless it is quite cold out. Once moving at a decent clip, however, the form-fitting cut and wind-blocking front panels are much appreciated. Temperature can be regulated via the front zipper, and the ventilated back does its job adequately, with or without a hydration pack in place.

The waterproof rear pocket is perfect for car keys or a smartphone, while the front pockets are roomy enough for hand warming or stowing gloves when you’re not wearing them.


There’s really not much to complain about here. The only thing that bugged me at all about this jacket was the tendency for sweat to build up in the sleeves. The windproof fabric appears to act as a vapor barrier, and while the core area can vent out the back, the sleeves don’t seem to work the same. It’s not really an issue while riding, but is noticeable when stopped, especially if you take the jacket off and put it back on.

Bottom line

The Funkier Winter Jacket has been a great addition to my cycling apparel line-up, and has enabled me to carry my cycling into the winter months on my fat bike. It pairs very well with Funkier Microfleece Tights and Halo Anti-Freeze Headbands.

Funkier in the Snow
The Funkier Winter Jacket in its native element.

In addition to winter cycling, I also found the jacket to be a great choice for mid-temp downhill skiing, and I would even grab it for occasional “regular” street wear.

So even though it’s still warm out there, it’s not too early to prepare for the colder months and grab this jacket, which happens to be on sale for $99.95 over at Funkier USA.

Thanks to the folks at Funkier Apparel for providing the Winter Jacket for review!