Review: Funkier Apparel MTB Shorts and Jersey

Funkier Apparel, a cycling clothing company based in Israel, recently sent me a pair of 3/4 length baggy pants, padded spandex undershorts, and ajersey for review. I’ll get right to the point: this stuff is incredibly well made, super comfortable and they include a bunch of smart features. Read on for details about each item.

Hawk 3/4 Length Baggy MTB Shorts

The last time I tried baggy shorts for mountain biking, the choices were cotton cargo shorts, polyester athletic shorts, or mountain biking shorts with padding that felt like a diaper. I embraced the spandex and never looked back.

Baggie MTB shorts have come a long way since then, but I have still found most to be a little heavy and constricting.

The Funkier Hawk 3/4 length nylon pants have blown that perception out of the water! The nylon material is very light and a bit stretchy, totally eliminatingconstrictionand pulling during seated pedaling. The waist band has a subtle elastic that keep things up, even if you lose weight over a riding season, and they also include a burly drawstring, just in case. There are even belt loops, but I can’t imagine ascenario where that would be helpful.

The pants include a full complement of pockets, front and rear, all with zipper or velcro closures. The back pockets are not useful on the bike, but they are perfect for a wallet or other items after the ride. The front pockets are perfect for chapstick, money, or your ID; basically anything small or flat. The real standout though is the pair of “smart phone” cargo pockets. They’re held closed by a quick access velcro flap and sized to easily stow an iPhone, Android phone, or Blackberry. There are two of them, so the other one could also store a snack or two. A device stored in one of these pockets is easily accessible, even with gloves on, and it’s not annoying in any way while riding.

There are also zippered ventilation slits on the front of each leg and a mesh panel on the back of each. When closed, the pants offer good coverage from chilly airflow; when open, that airflow is directed for optimal cooling. Rounding out the feature set is a velcro cinch closure at the bottom of each leg.

Bottom line: if you already like baggy shorts, these should be your next pair. If you’re a spandex wearer thinking about switching, these are the ones to get. They’re amazing!

NOTE: These are also available as regular length shorts.

Funkier’s nylon shorts and pants are designed to be used with their own padded spandex undershorts. There are flaps to keep the outer shorts and padded liner together, but I have been wearing them without bothering to connect the flaps. Also, any padded spandex shorts will work; I’ve worn the baggies with all of my other padded shorts with no issues, but the Funkier ones are definitely the best fitting. The Funkier undershorts have very thin spandex and very thick padding. They are great for really long days in the saddle.

Funkier Apparel Jersey

A jersey is a jersey, right? Not really. I’ve had a bunch of cycling jerseys over the years and none were horrible, but just like with the shorts, Funkier steps it up a notch with their full zip sublimation print jersey.

The fabric is soft and smooth and wicks away sweat extremely well. It feels like a cross between club cut (loose) and race cut (skin tight) and as such is just right for those of us who ride frequently, but aren’tnecessarilyhardbody racers. My only gripe about the fit is that the sleeves could be a tad longer.

The stitching is very flat – no annoying seam rolls – and the full zipper is well hidden.

In addition to the usual three back pockets, this model also includes a small zippered, waterproof inner pocket perfect for a small mp3 player or cell phone, GPS logger, or keys if you have the kind with the built-in remote.BRILLIANT!

Funkier Apparel has definitely brought their A-game to the US market. Their baggy shorts fit great and offer exceptional padding yet they don’t harsh your flow or worse, catch on the nose of the saddle. Their jerseys are the definition of comfort and function. Across the whole product line, you will not find one missed stitch or seam out of place. I have been using mine hard and tossing them in the wash for several months now and they still look brand new.


Hawk 3/4 Baggy Pants: $94.95
Flacon Baggy Shorts: $84.95
Padded Undershorts: $29.95
Sublimation Print Jersey: $69.95
Any order over $40 gets free shipping to the Continental US!


I found their size chart to be a little confusing, (for pants they measure hips rather than waist) so I ended up just ordering the same nominal size I wear in other brands and everything fit fine.

If you are sprucing up your gear for the new season, head over to Funkier Apparel’s online catalog and check them out. You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks to Eli and the rest of the folks at Funkier for sending over the clothing to test.(And for answering all my email questions.)

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