Endura Women’s Singletrack T Mountain Bike Clothing Review

The Endura Singletrack mountain bike clothing collection features comfortable, performance-oriented clothing. As Endura says, it is “perfect for those who ride up, as well as down, all the trails they find.” This collection is full of baggy pants, shorts, and T’s, all of which are designed to keep you comfy all day through a variety of conditions.

I tested out the women’s Singletrack T, which features a casual feminine cut and is made of fast-drying, wicking, lightweight fabric. I’ve been wearing it through the hot days of summer, and it’s been serving me well through the humidity and sweat-filled rides. I took it on a camping trip and wore it riding for a couple days in a row, and it didn’t smell terrible, which is always a plus!

The design is attractive: it comes in red or teal (I chose the teal), features a slight v-neck, and sports a sleek print pattern.

endura front

Rear pocket.
Rear pocket.

Instead of the traditional three pockets on the jersey rear, the Singletrack T offers a single small pocket on the right side of the back: perfect for a set of keys, phone, or other small item.

Overall, I was really happy with the T. It is as comfortable as it looks, is casual enough to wear off the bike as well as on it, and works well for its intended purpose.

MSRP: $54.99


“Thank you” to Endura for providing the Singletrack T for review.

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