Pactimo Ridgeline Softshell Hoodie Works Off the Bike, and On it Too [Review]

The Pactimo Ridgeline Hoodie is a mid-weight jacket that's purposely designed for the bar first, mountain biking second.

photo: Leah Barber

With the Ridgeline Hoodie, Pactimo flips the usual, “works great on the bike, looks good at the bar,” mantra 180 degrees. Instead, the brand notes the Ridgeline is designed as “an attractive and utilitarian off-bike accessory, or for those who want a jacket that is ideally suited for cold and wet mountain biking.” So, it looks good, and also happens to work for mountain biking? Color me intrigued.

The look

The Ridgeline is available in black, blue, green camo, and black camo (tested). The black camo pattern caught my eye immediately, and on closer inspection, the pattern is made up of shapes that look like mountain silhouettes. Even if I weren’t a mountain biker I think I would be into the look of this jacket.

Hoodies seem to be popular at the moment, and the Ridgeline’s got a hood. It’s a big part of the look, though unfortunately, it’s not super functional on the bike. The hood itself is made from similarly thick material like the rest of the jacket, which means it doesn’t comfortably fit under a helmet. Not only that, it’s just a normal-sized hood so it’s not going over the top of a helmet either. Not that I’m disappointed or surprised; after all, Pactimo clearly designed the Ridgeline for off-the-bike use first.

I’m tall (6’3″) and skinny, and the size medium I’ve been testing offers a slim, sleek fit. Overall I would say it’s a little short on me, especially in the front, but I dig the overall shape.

On the bike

photo: Leah Barber

For a jacket that’s not designed for mountain biking first and foremost, Pactimo managed to stuff a bunch of bike-specific features into the Ridgeline.

I’ve worn the Ridgeline in wide ranging conditions from dry to wet, and from below freezing to the lower 60s (mid-teens Celsius). On the coldest days, it’s great to zip the neck all the way up to prevent wind from bellowing down the front. The neck zips high and just tight enough, with protective fabric to keep the zipper from rubbing against the skin. The arm cuffs are similarly well-sized to keep wind out, though this means you need to pinch them when removing the jacket to prevent the sleeves from going inside out. Even the zipper is backed to seal it against the wind.

The reflective detail around the front zipper and on tabs on the sleeves and back of the jacket work well and are incredibly bright when illuminated by headlights, or other riders’ bike lights. Elastic waist cinchers can be used to keep wind from creeping in from the bottom of the jacket, and a slightly dropped tail in the back provides decent coverage when in a riding position.

photo: Leah Barber

According to the specs, the Ridgeline is designed to be worn in temperatures ranging from 45-65° (7-16° C) but I found it much more versatile. On the coldest days I start with a thin, long-sleeve thermal layer, then a regular short sleeve jersey on top, and the Ridgeline outside. It might sound like a lot of bulk, but I’ve found this isn’t nearly as bulky as wearing a wool or thermal jersey. Plus, having the full-zip jacket as an outer layer makes it easy to cool down when cranking up a hill or stopping to take a break.

Unfortunately, the Ridgeline isn’t packable, so when temperatures rise past the mid-60s there’s no easy way to stash it out of the way during a ride. Opening the breast pocket offers a bit of ventilation in addition to the front zipper, which is a nice option for dialing in just the right temperature.


Classified as a mid-weight jacket, the Pactimo Ridgeline features a 3-layer construction with a DWR coating on the outside to shed water. The material is slightly stretchy, offering a good range of movement while mostly holding its shape.

There are two zippered hand pockets on either side of the jacket and one zippered breast pocket. All of the pockets are mesh-lined and the breast pocket has a slit for routing wired headphones.

I’ve already washed the Ridgeline a few times after steaming it up over miles of riding. The jacket has held up well in the wash and dryer and fits the same as when I first put it on.

  • DWR (durable water repellant) finish to shed water
  • Temperature Range: 45° – 65° F
  • Designed for windy and rainy conditions
  • Reflective accents
  • $215 MSRP (Available from

I’ve been getting a ton of mileage out of the Ridgeline Hoodie this season, both off and on the bike. It’s a versatile piece that’s well constructed, and I dig the way it looks.

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Thank to Pactimo for providing the Ridgeline Hoodie for testing and review.