Osprey Moki Kids Hydration Pack Review

We test the Osprey Moki, a mountain bike hydration backpack designed specifically for kids.

If you’re taking your little ripper on the trail with you, it’s important to kit them out in gear that will actually work well and fit them properly. Unlike some other kid-specific gear, the Osprey Moki is a full-featured pack cut to the size of a kid, and not a stripped down version of a pack with a kids label on it.


What is the Moki? Consider it a kids sized Osprey Viper hydration pack. It is constructed from a blend of 210D Poly Triple Diamond and 400HD Nylon Packcloth material for maximum durability.

Inside the Moki it comes with a 1.5L hydration bladder with the same wide mouth lid design that all Osprey Hydraulics-series packs have. And like other Osprey bladders, it is internally baffled to provide a flat-to-the-back shape, and equally important the bladder is BPA / PVC free.

The lay out of the pack has a single zip pouch space for goodies (a space that is well frequented by my son), good enough to carry a few snacks. Between the zip pouch and bladder sleeve is a pocket opening big enough to hold a hoodie (for those unforeseen temp drops). Thoughtfully, the sleeve is adjustable, with straps to secure your items.

There is no waist strap on the Moki, but there is a sternum strap that does double duty. With 6 inches of vertical adjustment you can get the fit adjusted just right. The main straps are 2in (50mm) wide, and padded for comfort. Speaking of comfort, the back has a lightweight 8mm thick, fully-vented pad that helps provide the pack’s structure and keeps the water bladder away from the body.


Other neat details of the Moki include a diagonal zipper that provides easy access to the bladder. A neat whistle incorporated into the front buckle is perfect for annoying any parent… I mean, a great idea for a child to call to his parents if lost, or scare away any smaller animals that may consider your kid part of the dinner menu. Finishing touches include reflective elements and a clip point for a rear light.


As far as fit, it is pretty easy to set the pack up. Just set the shoulder straps, then figure out where the sternum strap fits your child best. Personally, I found that the sternum strap fit my son best just below his pectoral muscles. It’s surprising to see how little unwanted pack movement you get once the Moki is setup properly.


Comfort and Real-World Testing

The critical thing is how the pack felt on Raffie. When asking him how the pack felt, he was very pleased with it, and fell in love with the Moki almost immediately. So much so, he insists on taking pretty much every outing you can think of. He was ecstatic that he didn’t need to use a water bottle on his bike. Daddy is a super Dad once again.

While observing my son, I found that he was drinking more frequently from the Moki. Raffie was all over the zipper pocket, carrying a few snacks, and his stuffy (in the sleeve).

The only downside to the Moki was with the bite valve. It did leak a bit until you reset the center bit in place. It looks like the red center part of the valve can slightly displace and move away from the soft squeeze part of the valve. The fix is to press the red button back into the valve.

For only $50 MSRP you are getting a great little pack for your little one, and a best daddy (or mommy) ever hug.

A big thanks to the folks at Osprey for providing the Moki for review.