Obed Drops a Boundary-Blurring, Mixed-Wheel Gravel Bike

Photo: Obed

What are categories anymore? Sometimes they help us put our socks and underwear in the right drawer for the sake of time and confusion, and other times categories just get in the way.

Obed, a boutique bike brand based out of Tennessee, has a new version of their gravel bike, the Boundary. This time it’s a gravel bike that can be set up with mixed wheels, the Obed Boundary MLT (Mullet). Others might just call this a mixed-wheel-capable, rigid mountain bike with narrower tire clearance and drop bars. A friend recently informed me that this new beefy, sorta gravel/sorta MTB is now called monster cross. Either way, the Boundary MLT it’s a little different.

The Boundary MLT includes a Shimano GRX 800 series 1x drivetrain with hydraulic disc brakes, a 70mm stem with flarey FSA drop bars, a KS Lev dropper with 65mm of travel, and Kenda Honey Badger XC and Flintridge Pro tires.

Where it might get a little interesting is in the frame clearance. The Boundary MLT has room for 700x45c and 650×53 tires, front and rear, respectively. That means the wider (and smaller) tire goes in the rear for a proper mixed-wheel configuration.

Builds, with the full carbon frame, start at $3,565 and are available in a custom frame color and decal combinations. Check out the bike at the Obed website.