Bicycle Retailer reports that Shimano has slashed wholesale and retail prices on many components above the SLX level, although price cuts aren’t uniform across the board. Changes in prices range from a 1 percent increase to a 40 percent decrease.

Photo: Jeff Barber

The changes have reportedly been made to allow local bike shops to compete more directly with online retailers, who can often buy components for significantly cheaper than wholesale (at OE pricing), and thus sell them for less.

Here’s an example of one pricing change:

With new retail pricing, a Deore XT front brake, for example, which had a suggested retail price of $159.99, now has a suggested retail of $118.99 — a 26 percent change. With the new price lists, margins were trimmed substantially on inventory bought at old wholesale pricing, and margins also slimmed on new wholesale prices.

Unfortunately for retailers, this has essentially devalued all of the current inventory that they already own, and Shimano isn’t buying any inventory back.

Other potential reasons for the price reduction include the depreciation of the Yen vs the US dollar, and the drop in the price of raw aluminum.

One potential factor that hasn’t been mentioned by other outlets but immediately springs to mind is increased competition in the market. With SRAM releasing quality drivetrains at affordable prices, such as GX and the NX1 drivetrain, just announced yesterday, riders have more affordable drivetrain options that offer true quality than ever before.

While this pricing change may or may not be good news for IBDs, there’s no way this isn’t good news for the average rider looking for a new drivetrain.

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  • brad362

    What a crock.
    What Shimano isn’t saying is that they didn’t do the same slash on wholesale pricing, just retail.
    In other words, Shimano still gets paid almost the same amount but bike shops get paid less.
    This is supposed to HELP bike shops?!
    It helps one company only, Shimano.

    • Greg Heil

      According to the original release, Shimano IS slashing wholesale pricing… see the first sentence.

  • brad362

    I own a bike shop and have the new pricing.
    Wholesale wise, it’s far more like a “whittle” than a slash.
    Not even remotely close to the retail price cuts.

    • Greg Heil

      Ah that’s unfortunate. I need to dig up a full price list and check it out…

  • scott_kennedy

    Until Shimano pricing helps dealers compete with out of country online sales, I Say …”Shima-NO”

  • brad362

    The worst part is that Shimano really is a great company to work with; probably my favorite. Their dealer service has always been top notch. I hate the idea of slamming them.
    It really comes as a shock since they have always taken care of us dealers in the past.

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