News: Pivot Announces Mach 429 Trail

Photo courtesy Pivot Cycles
Photo courtesy Pivot Cycles

Today, Pivot announced the new Mach 429 Trail. While at first glance, it may appear that they just slapped a longer fork on the Mach 429 SL, after diving into the numbers it’s clear that this is a whole new bike.

Rear travel is up to 116mm versus 100mm on the SL. Also, all build kits on the Trail receive a 130mm Fox 34 fork up front — the SL is spec’d with a 120mm fork. The head tube angle is nearly two degrees slacker than the SL at 67.5, the chainstays are shorter, and the bottom bracket sits a little higher.

The new Mach 429 Trail from Pivot
The new Mach 429 Trail from Pivot (photo courtesy Pivot Cycles)

To keep up with the most recent “standards” the 429 Trail gets Boost 148 spacing in the rear and Boost 110 spacing up front on the fork. This allows for stiffer wheels, more tire clearance, and also the ability to run 27.5+ wheels.

The 429 Trail is also sporting a new version of the dw-link suspension design which they’re calling a “mid-travel trail linkage design, specifically for trail bikes.” Not exactly a sexy acronym, but maybe that’s a good thing. There are too many of those in MTB already.

The 429 Trail uses a revised upper linkage influenced by the Phoenix and Mach 6 and shares the same lower linkage with the Mach 6. According to Pivot, this creates a bike that climbs nearly as well as the 429 SL and can descend alongside the Mach 6. Basically, it’s an all-around trail bike aimed at the thick middle of the MTB market where most riders hang out.

Revised upper linkage
Revised upper linkage (photo courtesy Pivot Cycles)

Numerous build kits are available, but as mentioned above, Fox handles suspension duties across the range. You do have a choice of SRAM or Shimano components though. Complete carbon bikes start at $3,999 for an XT/SLX build and max out with the $7,699 XTR build. The Mach 429 Trail is also available as a frame and shock for $2,499 if you want to choose your own adventure.

Want to see the bike in action? Check out the video from Pivot below: