New Toys From Hayes for Your Stroker Brakes


Holidays are just around the corner and Hayes has introduced some new products for use with their MTB braking systems. Check these out: the new Pro Bleed kit, the Stroker tool kit, and my personal favorite, the brake pad spacer called the Feel ‘r Gage. Each item is sold individually and certainly won’t break the bank. In fact, these tools can help you save in the long run by avoiding costly repairs due to poor maintenance. I have personally used and found each of these items very useful, particularly the Feel ‘r Gage. I cannot say how much time that tool alone has saved me since I started using it.

The Pro-Bleed kit (PN # 98-23572, $30 MSRP) is the most comprehensive kit out there that is made for Hayes brakes. It covers all models that Hayes has made over the years and all the adapters and hoses are included. Once assembled all you need to do is select the correct fitting for your brake lever and you’re good to go. Brake fluid is included along with two bottles which allow you to do the job drip free.

Next up is the Stroker tool kit (PN# 98-23971, $39 MSRP). This kit is only for the Stroker Aces, but will make the job of rebuilding the brakes a non-issue. All the tools as well as instructions are included in this pouched kit. The kit contains the piston bore tools as well as the multi-function piston alignment tool plus spare seals.

Finally, check out the pad/rotor alignment tool called the Feel ‘r Gage (PN# 98-23972, $15 MSRP) which is super easy to use and gives you perfect alignment every time. The Feel ‘r Gage is designed so that you can insert the steel shims on either side of the disk to get the correct pad spacing as well as make sure the caliper is parallel with the rotor. The Feel ‘r Gage also can be used as a pad spreader.

Coming up shortly, a video on rebuilding a Stroker Ace caliper using all these tools.

Thanks to the folks at Hayes for providing these products for review.