New Saddle Brand Introduces Carbon Bike Saddles with Replaceable Covers

Repente is a new Italian saddle brand that is introducing carbon bike saddles with replaceable padded covers.

The new Repente Aleena saddle. All photos courtesy Repente.

A new saddle brand from Italy named Repente is entering the marketplace with a unique concept: full-carbon saddles with replaceable covers. Dubbed the Repente Locking System (RLS), this new tech allows the rider to replace covers on a single carbon chassis.

Why would you want to do this?

Since Repente offers different types of covers, switching the cover to a different style changes the shape of the seat, which accounts for anatomical differences from rider to rider. That said, despite changing the cover, your position on the saddle remains unchanged since you don’t need to remove it from your bike. If your cover wears out and you want to keep the same one, you can replace just the cover without replacing the entire saddle.

Don’t write this idea off as a gimmick. The CEO of the new company is Massimo Farronato, who was the purchasing director of the Selle Royal Group for many years.

Repente is launching three saddles to begin: the Aleena, Comptus, and Kuma. These saddles weigh 130, 135, and 145 grams respectively. As you can imagine, this new tech, Italian manufacturing, and ultralight weight doesn’t come cheap. Recommended retail prices for the saddles are 328 euros (~$404 USD) for the Aleena and 318 euros (~$392 USD) for both the Comptus and the Kuma.

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