New Scott Patron eRIDE Bike adds Electro-Tech from Axle to Axle

The Scott Patron eRIDE is a 29er with 160mm of travel front and rear with a frame-integrated shock, battery, and motor.

Mountain bikes are ready for moon exploration, right? Well, the new Scott Patron eRIDE certainly looks like it is. The martian-prepped platform has an integrated shock, battery and motor, and tail lights to help riders follow one another through the crowded lunar cities of the future. The Patron eRIDE rolls on 29″ wheels with 160mm of travel front and rear.

Scott is going all-in on integration with their latest models, and this bike seems to be the flagship for that concept. The shock is inside the top tube along with its Switch Infinity adjustment system, leaving plenty of space for a water bottle, and the BOSCH motor and 750Wh battery sit inside the carbon frame with a series of vents to keep it purring happily. All cables and hoses are fully integrated from the headset back, creating a somewhat automotive look, which is augmented by a pair of LED safety lights at either side of the little rear fender.

The angles on this sleek carbon frame are about what you would expect for a modern 160mm bike, with a 64.5° head tube angle on the size small, and a 65° lean on sizes medium to XL. Bottom bracket drop is an average 30mm across the board, and the seat tube angle above slackens from 77° on the size small to 76.8° on the XL. Reach measurements span between 432.7mm and 501.2mm, and the consistent 454mm chainstays make the adjacent wheelbase between 1,221.7mm on a small and 1,295.4mm on the largest frame. There is also a women’s version of the bike called Contessa Patron eRIDE that comes in the three smaller sizes.

Head over to the Scott website for build and pricing options.