New Look X-Track MTB Pedals Claim Best Power to Weight Ratio on the Market

Look has just released their new X-Track mountain bike pedals, which they claim provide the best weight to contact surface ration on the market today. The X-Track XC SPD pedals provide 515 mm

Look has just released their new line of X-Track mountain bike pedals. Look claims that the pedals provide the “best weight to contact surface ratio on the market,” which in turn creates the best “power to weight ratio in the XC pedal category.”

The X-Track XC SPD pedals provide 515 mm² of contact surface thanks to a 60mm-wide platform in a 150g package on the highest-price X-Track Race Carbon TI pedal. Retail price for the top-tier model is set at $249.99 MSRP.

Look’s power to weight ratio analysis.

Here are the other pedals in the X-Track XC line, with their respective prices and weights:

X-Track Rage and X-Track Rage Plus

X-Track Rage Plus

In addition to new XC pedals, Look also introduced new trail and enduro pedals to round out an entire line: the X-Track Rage and X-Track Rage Plus, respectively. While there are far fewer options in the X-Track Rage models, our recent survey suggests that these could be the most popular pedals for the MTB crowd.

The X-Track Rage features a 63mm-wide platform, weighs 227g, and retails for $74.99. The X-Track Rage Plus features a 67mm-wide platform, weighs 218g, and retails for $129.99.