Updated Fox 34 and 34 Step-Cast Forks and 2 New Shocks are Ready for Summer Fun

Fox updates popular trail forks including the 34LT and 34 Step-Cast models, and introduces new a new shock series.
Eliot Jackson pushing the new dampers.

Fox has a pair of new forks and shocks on offer, just in time for summer trail parties to begin! The updated forks are said to be smoother, stiffer, and lighter, and both shocks are essentially lighter versions of the brand’s enduro racing focused dampers.

34 Long Travel Factory and Performance Elite forks

The updated Float 34 Factory and Performance Elite forks are Boost-only and 29er-specific, with travel options between 130 and 140mm. Like the Float 36, 38, and 40 models, the new 34 has lower leg channels that Fox says “help alleviate this issue by dramatically increasing air volume within the lower legs and thereby reducing the amount of additional unintended pressure ramping.” Those same channels also allow oil to better reach the foam O-rings at the top of the fork-lowers, which should keep things smoother.

The revised 34LT (Long Travel) also sees similar added stiffness to the lower arch, with increased spacing to accommodate larger head tubes at full compression. Inside, the renowned EVOL air spring can be regulated with the usual volume spacers, and there is a GRIP2 damper option for riders who want maximum tuneability.

This new 34 Factory and Performance Elite forks have a claimed weight of 1698g and retail for $769 – $969 (available at Backcountry), CDN $1079 – $1399, or EUR €1069 – €1389 depending on the model and specs.

34 Step-Cast 100 and 120mm Factory and Performance forks

The updated Fox 34 Step-Cast fork has all of the same oil and air updates as the longer travel 34, but is only available with the FIT4 damper on the Factory model and GRIP on the Performance model. Like the LT version, the 34SC is only available in a 29″ Boost size, with a 44 or 51mm offset.

Out of the box the 34SC is set at 120mm, with a spacer to shorten it to 100mm if desired. In addition to positive air spring spacers for added end-stroke progression, Step-Cast owners can add a volume spacer to the negative chamber for a stiff initial stroke that’s preferred by some XC racers.

This updated Step-Cast 34 weighs a reported 1496g, and retails for $849 – $1089 (available at Backcountry), CDN $1149 – $1469, or EUR €1129 – €1459 depending on selected options.

New Float X Series shocks

To accompany these lighter-weight forks, Fox has a few new shocks that are essentially lighter versions of the popular X2 air and DHX2 coil models.

The new air sprung model, simply named Float X, uses a single tube system in place of the the twin tube internals, and Fox has designed volume spacers that create smaller increments fo change for a more precise tune. A larger air sleeve is said to reduce average air pressures by 40 PSI from the DPX2 which should allow for a more supple initial stroke. The updates also include a hydraulic top-out bumper for folks who run their rebound wide open, and there’s increased rebound adjustment over the DPX2.

Float X shocks are available in Factory Kashima or Performance Elite black for $499 – $569, CDN $699 – $799, or EUR €699 – €799. Sizes are a little limited for these new shocks, with standard hardware shocks coming in 190 x 45 / 210 x 50 / 210 x 52.5 / 210 x 55 / 230 x 57.5 / 230 x 60 / 230 x 65, and trunnion mount shocks available in 185 x 52.5 / 185 x 55 / 205 x 60 / 205 x 62.5 sizes.

The newly minted Float DHX shock is a lighter-weight coil option that’s designed for trail riding. With this shock, Fox has taken all of the best internal bits from the Float X above, and those from their popular DHX2 coil, and crammed them in a light package. The spring preload has detents to make that adjustment simple, there’s a sturdy looking MCU bottom-out bumper, and there’s a compression switch for climbing.

The Float DHX shock is only available in a Factory model, with the same length and stroke options as the air shock, for USD $549, CDN $769, or EUR €759.

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