Pirelli Teases New Gravity Tire Prototype with Fabien Barel Assisting Development

Pirelli has been turning out mountain bike tires in regular intervals over the past couple of seasons, starting with their terrain-specific XC treads that included a fast-rolling rear tread pattern and various front tire options. Last year they released a gravity version of their Scorpion tires, with a heavier carcass and taller knobs for increased cornering and braking grip. Next on the menu is some downhill and enduro race focused rubber.

The Italian tire brand develops car and moto race tires with some of the greatest pilots in the world, and their mountain bike range will follow that tradition. Frenchman Fabien Barel will lead the trail-testing charge for these yet-unreleased DH tires. With three downhill World Championship titles and seven French National DH titles, alongside a long list of top EWS and Trans Provence results, he is undoubtedly the right person to provide feedback on traction and performance.

We’ve seen a glimpse of the new tires on Julie Duvert’s Megatower, and we will have an interview with her coming out soon, hopefully with some first impressions of the Pirelli DH tires wrapped into her intriguing story. We will also get rolling on a set of the new tires as soon as possible, with a review to follow once they’re available for purchase.

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