New Bike Racks From Kuat, Thule, and Inno at Interbike

Two bike racks from Thule and Inno that won't touch your bike frame, plus new and updated bike racks from Kuat.

New technology isn’t exclusive to mountain bikes. We also need things that make us feel OK about about strapping our beloved bicycles to the back of our vehicles. After all, we can’t brag to our friends about the fact that our bikes cost more than our cars if they fall off on the way to the trailhead and get flattened by a semi-truck following behind.

Tray racks that avoid frame or rim contact are catching on. Saris debuted their Modular Tray Rack at Crankworx. Thule and Inno both brought their new racks to show off at Interbike, and Kuat has a new version of their affordable Transfer rack.

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Thule Helium Platform

This is a prototype hitch rack from Thule that’s expected to come out in the spring of 2019.

The Helium Platform is a tray style hitch rack and will fit wheel sizes from 26-inch to 29-inch with tires up to three inches wide. It’ll be available in a 1.25″ and 2″ hitch size.

More details like pricing and weight will be available on the Helium Platform closer to the expected release in May 2019.

Thule Access

Thule is also coming out with their own version of a swing arm hitch rack. The swing arm allows access to a rear hatch or truck bed with the rack mounted on the vehicle.

This isn’t a new concept for the bike rack market, but is new for Thule. Singletracks covered similar releases from Kuat and Yakima last year.

The Access will hold up to 250 lbs and fits in a 2-inch receiver. Weight and pricing will also be announced closer to the release.

Kuat Transfer 1

The Kuat Transfer rack isn’t new, but this one-bike option is.

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The Transfer is Kuat’s entry-level rack, and is also a lightweight, minimalist option.

The Kuat Transfer 1 will retail for $219. If, down the road, buyers decide they want to haul a second bike, an add on will be available for $109.

The Kuat add-on for the Transfer 1 will mount at the end points of the rack.

The Kuat Transfer 2 still retails for $298.

Kuat Highline

The new Kuat Highline rack.

The Kuat Highline will offer the precision and durability that Kuat is known for in a rack that can be mounted on a car trunk.

There is a two- and a three-bike option, with weights starting around 13-pounds. The racks are all aluminum, have articulating arms and adjustable straps, anti-sway cradles, and rubberized hooks to protect vehicles. Kuat will also include foam protection to put under the hooks if consumers still worry about their car’s paint job.

The two-bike option will sell for $219 and the three-bike option for $249. Both will be available in either black or silver.


Inno has displayed this rack for a while at different shows, but due to a manufacturing snafu, they haven’t shipped yet.

Well, Inno tray racks will finally be ready to ship in November. The racks are designated by a letter and number combination. The INH110 is a one-bike rack, the INH120 is a two bike rack, and the INH142 is a four bike rack. They are priced at $349, $549, and $899, respectively.

The Inno tray racks are made to fit a two-inch receiver, and can accommodate 20-inch bikes up to 29-inch plus bikes with a removable piece (displayed below).