Need Post-Ride Protein? Set Up a Trailside Smoothie Stand With the Blendjet 2

Not all mountain bikers want a steaming hot burger after a race or ride.

Not all mountain bikers want a steaming hot burger after a race or ride. Some of us have dietary or allergy needs that make it challenging to find sustenance near the trailhead, and for folks who eat a plant-based diet, protein often has to be considered before leaving the house. This little Blendjet 2 rechargeable blender makes pre and post-ride nutrient spinning a breeze.

With a simple USB-C charger, the Blendjet 2 can emulsify several smoothies with juice left over for the following morning. This makes it a sweet camp companion, as you can plug it into the same charging port you use for your phone or headlamps. At 604g, it’s likely more of a car-camping tool than one you might take bikepacking, but that depends on your personal weight tolerances.

The blender is also self-cleaning. Just add water and a drop of soap, blend that into a sudsy froth, and rinse. When the time comes for a deeper scrub you can twist the machine apart and dig into the finer crevaces.

If you’re in more of a post-pedal BBQ mood, the Blendjet 2 also has a pulse mode that can be used to make guacamole, hummus, salsa, or baby food. Additionally, you can lock the blade and seal the lid to carry your blended concoction in a bag without worrying about it turning on or spilling.

The Blendjet brand also makes several premixed smoothies and protein shakes to take some guesswork out of nutrition refueling. Each of them is vegan, GMO-free, and gluten-free, with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. These should play well with the needs of most folks who have sensitive stomachs. I’ve been mixing them with water and a whole banana for added fiber and flavor and they taste delicious. I have a notably delicate gut, and it has reacted favorably to all of the Blendjet pre-mixes.

The Blendjet 2 feels pretty tough, ready to mix up your favorite flavors out in the forest for at least a few seasons. Its motor is not quite powerful enough to munch a full tank of ice for post-ride margaritas, but you can always mix those on the rocks. It’s currently available in 16 different colors for €43.95.