Honey Stinger’s Rapid Hydration Mixes Aren’t Soft and Crumbly, But Still Taste Good

Honey Stinger finally has a beverage option to accompany their solid fuel sources, dubbed Honey Stinger Rapid Hydration mixes. They are not crumbly and don’t pair well with coffee, like the brand’s famous waffles, but they do taste good and seem to have a pretty simple mix of ingredients. The Rapid Hydration Mixes are separated into three categories: Prepare, Perform, and Recover.

The Prepare mixes come in two flavors; pomegranate passionfruit and strawberry lemonade. There are 35 calories and ingredients include honey, natural flavor, sodium citrateciticoline, L-theanine and organic stevia. The Prepare mixes are said to support mental focus, and it looks like that comes from L-theanine which is also found in green and black teas and can help ease anxiety. Honey Stinger recommends consuming within one hour of exercise.

The Perform mixes come in a caffeinated mango melon and a black cherry flavor. The ingredients are similar to the Prepare mix, but with more sodium and carbohydrates. The mango melon flavor has 50mg of caffeine. It’s said to have 50% more carb absorption than glucose alone.

The Recover mixes come in a citrusy tangerine flavor and a berry flavor. These include vitamin C and zinc for an immune boost, post-exercise, rather than being a protein-based recovery drink. They include electrolytes to replace what’s been lost.

I’ve ridden with the drinks several times now and haven’t experienced any sort of bad GI interactions or jitters and they all taste pretty dang good for a powdered hydration mix. They mix well with 16oz of water and will retail for $33 for a pouch of 24 packets. Check out the Honey Stinger website for more information.