Nalini Miles MTB Baggy Shorts Review

nalini short in action

Nalini calls the Miles their “baggy” mountain bike shorts, and I’m always excited to get more pairs of shorts like these. I use my bicycle every day to pick up my 5-year-old from kindergarten, and I already get funny looks from the parents and the staff. Somehow, I think they’d be even less accommodating if I were to show up in skin-tight lycra.

Every cyclist needs to have a pair of baggy shorts in their wardrobe. When I’m in a pair of racing shorts, I feel an obligation to go out and hammer. One of the side effects of that inclination is that it can make it psychologically more difficult to motivate yourself to ride when you’re feeling tired. You can sometimes trick yourself into riding by pulling on the baggy shorts and telling yourself it’s OK to go easy. Once you actually get in the saddle, you’ll start cranking like always.

The best part about these shorts is that just because they’re baggy doesn’t mean they don’t perform. Once you’re out riding, they feel like any other short, making these a great starter short for your friends who are just getting into riding.

Nalini short 1

The Miles shorts are made out of a fabric called “Hot Moa Light,” which is lightweight and designed to wick moisture away. The fabric is soft enough that there are no sharp points created when the fabric bends.There is a velcro waist adjustment, two open pockets, and a small zip pocket on the front.

These are a very attractive short with the kind of design you expect from an Italian company. The band across the back is a nice touch.

chamois liner

The liners are breathable mesh with a standard–but not exceptional–chamois. These liners will do the job, but I would have preferred the legs to be a little longer on the liner. This is the shortest chamois I’ve ever seen.

Overall the Miles are a great short, they are attractive, and they perform well. My only problem is with the sizing. Normally when I have a problem with fit, it’s in the jersey. I have too much belly, but my quads are not inflated like you sometimes see on cyclists. If anything, I am sometimes forced to buy an over-sized jersey in comparison to short size.  That wasn’t the case here as the Nalini Phantom jersey fit well, but the shorts were way too small. I went with XL for both the top and shorts. The jersey fit like most brands, but I probably should have gone for 3XL on the shorts since I could barely squeeze into the XL. It’s a shame, because the feel of these shorts is fantastic and I would have loved to ride them a bit more. Here’s the sizing chart for your reference.


A very nice short. The design is attractive and highly functional. My only issue is the sizing although, to be fair, issues like that are not uncommon in European cuts. I would have liked a little longer leg on the chamois insert, but that’s personal preference.

MSRP: $119

Thanks to Nalini for providing the Miles short for review.