MTB Bar Space is Tight, So RockShox Introduces TwistLoc for Suspension Controls

The RockShox TwistLoc is a grip-shift-style control that can lock and unlock a mountain bike fork, shock, or both.

photos: SRAM/RockShox

Lose the front shifter, gain three more controls and gadgets. That’s been the drill for the past few years as dropper remotes, brake levers, suspension lockouts, GPS devices, handlebar rolls, and even bells compete for limited MTB handlebar space. RockShox thinks they have a solution in the TwistLoc, a grip-shift-style control that can lock and unlock a fork, shock, or both. Not only that, TwistLoc is designed to keep hands on the bars when stuff gets rough.

RockShox describes how the TwistLoc works:

Twist to lock, push the button to unlock – on forks, rear shocks or both in tandem. With a consistent grip size and light-touch action, TwistLoc™ maximizes efficiency while keeping your hand safely on the bar.

Sounds simple, eh? The TwistLoc will be available starting in June, 2018 and will retail for $109 / €120* / £107*.

* includes VAT.