Mountain bike trail video profiles

Dauw had the great suggestion to add helmet-cam videos to singletracks trail listings and the idea was something we had considered for quite some time. In fact, you can read about my attempts at creating my own mountain bike helmet-cam videos on this very blog. There are, however, plenty of people who have mastered the art of mountain bike camera work so I’ll leave the video collection to the pros.

While cruising the tube this week I came across some AMAZING mountain bike trail profiles produced by some enterprising riders. One such collection from Ted Shred offers voice-over narration, a trail map overview, and even tips for riding the trail. One of his videos covers China Camp, a trail I have ridden before, and his video really nails the whole experience from the climbs to the views to the downhills. Amazing…

Another video I found came from All Terrain Video which appears to be a professional video production company. Their video profile of Mount Falcon park in Colorado is almost like a documentary about the mountain bike trail. I’ve also ridden Mount Falcon and these guys really hit the nail on the head – better than any guidebook or trail description you could ever read!

These videos are definitely raising the bar and go way beyond helmet-cam footage with Tool songs playing in the background. Capturing the essense of a mountain bike trail is a tough thing to do but with a little effort anyone can produce a great profile of their favorite local trail to share with bikers around the world.

* Note: For some reason I can’t get WordPress to insert the videos into the blog directly so you can view the China Camp video here and the Mount Falcon video here. More videos here.