Mountain bike trail tech

New mountain bike tech, circa 2008.

If you’ve been reading the blog or checking out the site you already know I love to mix electronics and mountain biking. For years I’ve been riding with a digital camera and GPS and now I’m even getting into the whole helmet cam scene with the GoPro HERO. I suppose the website is pretty high tech as well, though there isn’t any way to bring out on the trail with me … or is there?

iphonebike.jpg is promoting an iPhone bike mount that lets you take your fancy Apple hardware out on the trail with you. Just think – you can make calls, surf web pages, and even snap pics of the ground while your iPhone stays firmly attached to your handlebars. I suppose this will be even better once the next generation iPhone is released since it is rumored to include GPS – delicious. And don’t forget to upgrade to a singletracks premium membership so you can view your trail maps while you ride 😉 via iPhone Matters.


In other mountain bike tech news, it was just last week that I wrote about the E+ electric mountain bike but it turns out there is a much sweeter electric ride available: the OB1 from Optibike. The OB1 seems to get about the same speed and range as the E+ but in a much cooler carbon fiber wrapper and smokin’ orange paint job (though I’m not sure why this photo looks like it was taken in the 80s). If you thought the E+ was expensive at around $4,000, the OB1 will absolutely blow your mind at $13,000. For a bike. That is powered by batteries. Hurry though, only 24 will be made this year! via Groovy Green.