ITS Edge 2.3 MTB Tire Review


ITS – or as most people know them, Intense Tire System – recently debuted new tire updates for 2010. The 2010 Edge EXDX comes in two flavors once again – a 1-ply for all-mountain riding and a 2-ply for DH /FR. I got a chance to test the 26″ x 2.35″, single ply version ($50 MSRP) which tips the scale at about 935 grams. These tires are trail-rated for dry to soft surfaces and have a ramped and siped center tread with U-shaped side knobs.

Mounting these tires with a single tire iron on a set of Mavic Crossmax SX rims was a snap. I decided to run these tires with heavy-duty tubes and talcum powder since ITS doesn’t recommend using sealant. Filling the tires up to about 38psi front and 42 psi rear, I was off to the trails at Kelso where the conditions were mixed with both dry hard pack as well as softer sections with some mud spots.

picture-334The first bit of my ride I took some time to get used to the profile of the tire. On the ITS Edge, the tread is wider than the side wall which tends to give this tire sort of a “square” profile. This produced small amounts of squirm in flat corners, though in banked turns on berms they offered decent grip and a solid feel.

On rocky and gnarly trails with tons of roots, the Edge found its sweet spot, giving me a good sense of control. At 40psi these tires performed well but I found at lower pressures the tires started to squirm a bit too much.

Climbing and descending with the Edge was a pleasure and I found the tread design was optimal for these conditions. Starting to climb the tread got a firm hold in a variety of terrain conditions – rocks, hardpack, loam, branches and even sand. I found the tires to be just as versatile on the decent as well.

In terms of stopping power the ITS Edge comes out on top. If you’ve ever broken a bone or two on the trail you know how important stopping traction can be. Of course it’s up to you to hit the brakes but fortunately these tires won’t let you down.

All that traction can have its drawbacks: I found small serations on the knobs over just a short period of time. This may indicate a shorter tire life but more testing is needed to confirm.


All in all this is a good tire for those of us who have a long travel bike. If your terrain includes a variety of conditions this may be a good choice for you. And if you’re into climbing without slipping, this tire has your name on it!

My overall impressions:

7 out of 10 for climbing
7out of 10 for rolling and efficiency
8 out of 10 for loose condidtion
7 out of 10 for hardpack
9 out of 10 for stopping in a straight line

Specs from ITS:

Size: 26″ x 2.35
Weight: 985 grams
Durometer: 55/60D Dual compound
Construction: 1 Ply 72 TPI Aramid Bead

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