The New REEB SQWEEB V4 Trail/Enduro Bike Drops a Full Pound and Gains a Mixed-Wheel Option

Three bikes with one frame? Yes please! A $60 lower shock mount swap takes this mountain bike from a 130mm 29er to a 160mm mixed wheel ripper.

Colorado’s Reeb Cycles made several updates to their SQWEEB full suspension frame for its fourth iteration, and V3 owners can swap out their seat stays and rocker link to reap the benefits. A single SQWEEB V4 frame can be built up in three different configurations including a 130mm 29er with a 160mm fork, a 150mm rear end with a 160mm fork and balanced wheels, or 160mm of front and rear axle travel with mixed wheels. All of those options are possible simply by swapping the lower shock mount, which retails for $60.

At the front end of the SQWEEB V4, Reeb managed to drop a full pound from this aluminum Horst-link frame and brought the seat stay width in for better heel clearance. Ahead of those stays, they went with a three-piece rocker that the brand says cuts weight and reduces manufacturing waste. At the leading edge of that rocker, they went with dual row bearings that reportedly “double the load capacity.”

All three SQWEEB V4 platforms have a 65° head tube angle, a 76° effective seat tube angle, 23mm of drop at the bottom bracket, and reach measurements between 430 and 510mm across the four sizes. No matter the wheel size, the chainstays are a tight 434mm, which should make this bike a blast to whip between the trees.

There are far too many build options to list between the three builds, and they’re all available on the REEB Cycles site. Fully built bikes range in price from $5,400 to $7,500, and the US-made framesets are available for $2,750.