Introducing POC Helmets & Body Armor


POC is just in their second year on the mountain biking scene and are already expanding their line-up with some fresh colors and graphics. But what really got me interested in the POC line up is their very unique internal design on the POC Cortex DH helmet (MSRP $599). Unlike most other helmets in the market today, the Cortex DH is designed to take multiple hard hits without failing and features EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) padding instead of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene).

The POC Cortex DH helmet also sports a unique shell-within-a-shell design called MIPS technology. Basically the system allows the helmet to rotate and dissipate energy before you start to compress the EPP internals which ultimately reduces the amount of strain on your brain. Now that’s a smart helmet!


Beyond helmets, POC offers VPD (Visco-Elastic Polymer Dough) arm and leg protection that’s super protective without looking or feeling bulky. The Bone VPD leg / arm is a polypropylene covered shield lined with VPD molded segments to absorb impact. The Joint VPD knee / shin / elbow and ankle protectors cut a slimmer profile and fit nicely under clothing.

To round out the armor line, POC also has a full-on DH spine and upper body protection shirt called the Spine VPD Tee. There’s also a spine-only protector integrated into a tee called the Spine VPD vest which gives the rider a bit more mobility.


Finally, POC has some pretty cool looking jerseys and apparel that can be used both on and off the trails and slopes. (polyester and combed cotton tops, cordura and denim bottoms). Check out the POC website for more details