In for Test: The $1,850 Devinci Kobain SLX Hardtail

The $1,850 Devinci Kobain hardtail features 130mm of travel and a 1x12 drivetrain.

Hardtails keep getting better. Geometry has made them more friendly for trail – or enduro use. The prices are better, and with the debut of more drivetrain and suspension options, they pack more value than ever. Devinci revised their Kobain hardtail this spring and for under $2,000, buyers get a built-in-Canada hardtail, with a 1×12 Shimano drivetrain and a Marzocchi Bomber Z2 fork.

A lot of brands’ hardtails have been relegated to the beginner crowd, but the new Kobain appeals to a wide audience. Its price is attractive for beginners, but the geometry and build should easily satisfy advanced riders. We received a test sample of the new bike, and are eager to put some miles on it.

The Kobain in a medium has a 420mm seat tube length (noice), a 75° STA, a 445mm reach, and a lengthy-for-a-hardtail 1,191mm wheelbase. The HTA is a reasonable 66.5°.

The SLX build comes with a…you guessed it; Shimano SLX 1×12 drivetrain. All of us at Singletracks have spent time on the SLX, and it’s a killer drivetrain for the money. Devinci equipped this one with a 30T chainring up front. For brakes, the Kobain has Shimano Deore 2-piston calipers with 180mm rotors.

Giving the Kobain some give is the Marzocchi Bomber Z2 fork with 130mm of travel. The fork retails for $500, and it’s great to see more brands speccing it on their more affordable builds. We reviewed the Z2 last year and loved it. This build without pedals weighs 30.5 pounds.

Devinci has had to raise the price on their bikes, with supply, manufacturing, and shipping issues. The Kobain SLX rose $150 from its release, and our test bike retails for $1,850. Keep an eye out for the full review in early summer.