Geeky Bar Grips


As if mountain bikes weren’t becoming geeked out enough with GPS and electronic suspension, now you can get keyboard grips for your ride. Okay, so these are actually BMX grips from Odyssey but with the flick of a knife you can lop off the flanges and mount these babies on your mountain bike. The keyboard arrangement isn’t quite QWERTY – the home row actually spells out Aaron Ross, the designer of these smooth grips – but the top row encourages you to “hop”, “spin”, and “whip.”

I’m pretty sure if I ever put white grips on my bike they’d become dull brown and orange after just a few spins in the dirt 🙂 Too bad you can’t use these to type your singletracks forum posts while you ride.

Via email from Denis B | Gizmodo | Wired | Art of Trackstand