Review: Endura Women’s FS-260 Pro DS Bibshort

Ever since I started mountain biking, all the guys I rode with always raved about bibshorts and their unmatched comfort. A sentiment I often heard was once you go bibs, you never go back. However, as a woman, I’ve always been hesitant about wearing them. I tend to pee a lot. If a ride is more than a couple hours long, I’ll definitely be emptying my bladder. The thought of having to totally strip down to relieve myself is pretty unpleasant, especially in the winter. The comfort that bibs may offer never seemed worth that hassle, so I could never bring myself to shell out the cash for a pair of bibs to see for myself whether or not they really are as great as they’ve been proclaimed to be.

Then Endura came out with their Womens’ FS260 Pro DS bibshort, which offers a discrete zip-off drop seat, allowing for quick and easy nature breaks that expose less bare skin than pulling down a pair of regular shorts. This finally lets women have the best of both worlds. IMG_2995

I ordered myself a pair, not really sure what to expect. My first thought was, “A zipper on my butt? That seems uncomfortable and unsightly.” To my surprise and delight, it was neither. I could barely feel it, which was quite impressive because my skin is on the more sensitive end of things, and the zipper is very well hidden so it just looks like a seam. It works well too. I haven’t yet had it get stuck or caught, and its placement is spot on for the squat.

The bibs are super comfy too. The shorts are wide enough to accommodate muscular thighs, and grippy bands at the hem prevent them from riding up the legs, which tends to be a problem with some of my other cycling shorts. The straps are well-placed on the chest and fit my frame perfectly, with no digging-in to be had. The seat padding is specifically designed for females, includes antibacterial technology to help keep things a little more hygenic, and is thick enough for all-day comfort without being too bulky or unshapely. The fabric is durable yet breathable, and the style is quite flattering.


The guys were right—once you go bibs, you never go back. I love these things. I spent the first couple rides with them going on and on about how great they are, forcing anyone I know who cycles to listen to me proclaim my excitement about my latest purchase. Speaking of which, I plan on buying a couple more pairs at some point, as they’re the only thing I ever want to wear riding anymore. Ladies—I recommend these for sure!

MSRP: $139.99

Your turn: Has anyone else tried these bibs? What did you think? Add your review here.