G-Form Pro X3 Knee Pads: Same Slim Protection, Even More Comfortable [Review]

The G-Form X3 mountain bike knee guards add some more vents in the pads, and a thin, soft foam layer between the pads, and the inner sleeve, for a softer base against the knee.
g-form knee pads mountain biking review

G-Form’s thin, sleek, and comfortable Pro-X knee pads and elbow guards have been on the market for over seven years now. It’s no secret that their pads have have a lot of dedicated fans, and G-Form has continued to improve the Pro-X line.

Updated G-Form Knee Pads

Released in March, G-Form now has an updated version, the Pro-X3 knee, elbow, and shin guards, so that your knee guards remain knee guards, and your shins are properly protected.

The G-Form Pro-X3 knee pads aren’t terribly distinguishable from the Pro-X2 version that we tested in 2019. G-Form has added some more vents in the pads, and a thin, soft foam layer between the pads, and the inner sleeve, for a softer base against the knee. The grippers have been revised too, with a silicone strip on the inside of the top of the guard and instead of the same strip at the bottom, there’s a rubberized pattern. The G-Form Pro X3 come in sizes XS-XXL as well as S/M and L/XL youth sizes.

g-form pro-x3 knee pads sizes foam layer

Compared to the X2s I last tried, which were on the small side for me, the new mediums feel more appropriately sized; I’m not squeezing into the newer G-Form knee pads. They fit me nice and snug, and stay in place well without feeling restrictive. The G-Form Pro X3 knee pads are by far the most comfortable knee pad I’ve worn, and obviously aren’t the most robust for enduro or downhill riding, but are a hell of a kneepad for everyday trail riding. The G-Form E-Lines I tried out earlier this winter are a great option for a bike park ready guard.

The G-Form Pro X3 pads are hardly noticeable climbing and feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. Your knees get a nice, beachy breeze to keep mugginess down. The rubberized texture at the bottom of the guards seem like they might wear quicker compared to the silicone strip, but I’m not sure if that will impact the retention.

Closing thoughts

g-form pro-x3 knee pads comfortable smartflex

Once again, G-Form has made a stellar knee pad that is comfortable, well-vented, and offers nice protection for everyday riding that most mountain bikers should easily get along with.

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