Funkier Working on a Bib Short With Mega Storage

Funkier is working on a pair of bib shorts with four pockets you can wear with or without a jersey.

It gets a little hot here in Atlanta during the summer, so I’m always on the lookout for cool riding gear. At Interbike last week I spotted this prototype bib short from Funkier that is so fully-featured, I could probably get away with wearing it by itself, no jersey or outer shorts necessary.

As you can see from the photo above, this forthcoming garment includes 3 rear pockets plus a fourth zippered pocket for a cellphone or keys. The upper bib material itself is a bit thicker than most bib shorts that are meant to be worn underneath a jersey, and the material even sports a nice pattern so it doesn’t look like an undergarment. Pricing and availability are still TBD.

Other companies are starting to offer bib shorts with pockets as well. Alpinestars even has a pair that comes with removable impact protection pads. Will mountain bikers one day start rocking their bib shorts in the raw? You never know. Somehow Patrick Swayze pulled it off.

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