Forget the 29er – check out this 36er!

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As a recent convert to the 29er mountain bike movement, I’m a big fan of wheeled mountain bikes but this thing is honestly a little scary. The ZAMer from Black Sheep Bikes (Fort Collins, CO) sports 36-inch wheels (!) on a custom built titanium fork and frame combo. Notice how the front fork is angled just to keep the handlebar height at a reasonable level – and I thought my 29er cockpit felt a little high off the trail! The photo shows the bike set up as a single speed which means getting those big wheels rolling from a stop could be tough.

From what I can tell this is mostly a “concept bike” but for $3,700 you can actually purchase the frameset which includes a fork, handlebars, and the frame itself. No word on where you can buy 36-inch mountain bike tires or tubes or if anyone is making 36-inch wheels outside of the circus. Just slap some disc brakes and a regular drive train on this baby and you should be good to go, though I’m guessing this thing has a tough time on tight singletrack :).