Fly Racing Ripa Jersey Review

Riding in Moab this spring (photo: Greg Heil)
Riding in Moab this spring (photo: Greg Heil)

Fly Racing makes an impressive array of products including helmets, pads, gloves, and apparel. In a crowded field, Fly Racing stands out with simple designs, bold color schemes, and competitive prices. This spring I’ve been riding in their Ripa jersey.

Ripa Jersey

Outerbike Moab-235
Photo: Greg Heil

After a few seasons of rocking orange-heavy apparel, I decided to mix it up with Fly’s teal colorway. The Ripa jersey is teal on the torso with a few white and black stripes and has white, 3/4 length sleeves. Fly used a material called Polygiene — a lightweight mesh coated with silver salt. Polygiene claims the treatment doesn’t simply mask odor, it prevents it from developing in the first place. According to Polygiene’s website, the treatment won’t wash out and should last the life of the garment. The treatment allows you to wear the jersey multiple times before needing a wash — great for those that hate doing laundry or have limited riding gear.

I found the size large to fit me perfectly — loose enough to be comfortable without being baggy. I especially liked the fit of the sleeves; if I wanted to push them up, the trim cuffs kept them in place. Of course being mesh, the whole jersey breathes well, but the back is particularly well-ventilated. If you ride with a pack, you’ll appreciate this even more.

Surprisingly, this (mostly) washed out
Surprisingly, this mostly washed out

The first time I wore the Ripa was at the Faster Mustache Tour de Charlotte. It’s a rolling party around Charlotte, North Carolina, which stops every once in awhile to race on urban singletrack. Halfway through the day, the skies dumped on us, and things got sloppy. My once pristine white jersey was dotted with mud. Surprisingly, the jersey came out of the washer looking fresh. After a couple months of regular wear, the neck is a little dingy, but otherwise, the Ripa has held up well.

Despite my initial skepticism, the Polygiene treatment worked as advertised. More than once I wore the Ripa on a 6+ hour ride and returned odor-free. I’ve washed the jersey at least a dozen times at this point without negatively impacting the treatment.

Finish Line

photo: Greg Heil
photo: Greg Heil

The Fly Racing Ripa jersey fits great, breathes well, dries fast, doesn’t stink, and the 3/4 length sleeves provide a little extra protection from the sun and briars. I like the simple design and colors, even if the white sleeves are hard to keep clean. Check out Fly Racing’s offerings if you want some quality gear that won’t break the bank.

Retail price for the Ripa is $45.95 and it also comes in black/grey or orange/blue colorways.

Thanks to Fly Racing for proving the Ripa for review.

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