News: FLY Racing Releases Prizm Knee Guard

The new Prizm knee guard from FLY Racing
The new Prizm knee guard from FLY Racing

Late last week FLY Racing announced the Prizm, a new low-profile knee guard. It uses a thin, high density foam cut in a ‘prismatic pattern’ that allows it to conform to your knee.

Furthering the comfort level is the fact that the foam becomes malleable when it gets warm. When you heat up during your ride, the pad will fit better. This is supposed to help keep the pads in place. From the video, it looks like this is a knee guard meant to be worn on pedally trail rides and not just put on before the descent or reserved for laps in the bike park.

Another nice looking feature is the elastic cord that wraps around the top of your calf. Once you have the pads on, cinch down the cord to prevent them from sliding down.

FLY touts the fact that these new pads are certified to CE Level 1 EN1621 / 2012, which is a European standard for motorcycle protection. This level of certification is not required in the US, but FLY doesn’t want you taking chances with your knees.

The Prizm Knee Guard is available in three sizes (small, medium/large, and extra large) now through their website for $84.95.

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