FixIt Sticks: Innovative Mountain Bike Multi-tool

It’s tough to find truly innovative products at Interbike and even harder still to find small, independent companies competing in the multi-billion dollar bike industry. FixIt Sticks started with an idea, quickly found a following via a successful Kickstarter campaign, and is now working to get into local bike shops around the US. The product “performs like a 3-way wrench, travels like a multi-tool” and it’s so simple most people look at it and say, “why didn’t I think of that?”

A basic FixIt stick set comes with two aluminum “sticks,” each with a bit–allen, torx, etc.–permanently attached on each end for a total of 4 tools. There’s a mountain kit with 4, 5, and 6mm allen bits plus a T25 which together, should cover most fasteners on a bike. Slide the stick you need into the center hole of the other stick to form a t-handle and wrench away.

The kit comes with a carrying pouch made from recycled bike tubes and the full mountain kit (including pouch) weighs 68 grams according to my scale.

The entire system is infinitely expandable with additional allen sizes, screwdrivers, and even socket tools. Some customers end up grabbing a third FixIt stick to add more tools and it’s also possible to order a custom set-up. At Interbike Brian had prototypes of a chain tool and tire lever which looked very promising.

Look closely and you'll notice this guy is propped up on a FixIt Stick chain tool. There's also a socket tool on the left.

I took a set of FixIt Sticks home and they work exactly as you would expect. These are solid tools and should stand up to a lifetime of abuse. I love the amount of torque I can get out of FixIt Sticks, especially compared to my regular multi-tool. Working on bolts in tight spots (like the one attaching my seat post to the saddle) didn’t allow me to get full use out of the T-handle but then again, a multi-tool has the same issue.

FixIt Sticks are available at select retailers and online for $29.99.

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