Finish Line Puts Tiny Bulletproof Vests in Your Tires With New Fiberlink Sealant

Do you want your tires to seal up faster after a puncture, so you lose less pressure? Finish Line claims that their new Fiber Link Tubeless Sealant will do just that. They added Kevlar fibers to the latex that they claim will provide a stronger and longer-lasting seal to tire punctures. Theoretically, this should allow folks to forget about punctures once they seal, and potentially keep a set of tires rolling longer.

The brand also says that their special blend of low-odor latex has a low viscosity, allowing it to better cover the whole tire carcass and sealing holes faster. The liquid is rated for tubeless-ready road, gravel, and mountain bike tires. They didn’t specify what size punctures the Kevlar can plug, but we can get an idea from the above video.

Bottles of the tiny bulletproof fibers are available at your local Finish Line dealer for $12.99 (8oz), $34.99 (32oz), or $110.00 (1 gallon).