Plant-Based Végétalex Tire Sealant from Effetto Mariposa Permanently Seals 5mm Punctures

Seal mountain bike tire punctures with olive pits and plant fibers instead of chemicals.

Effetto Mariposa has a new plant-based tuebeless tire sealant available that they say will permanently clog up to 5mm punctures without spraying chemicals into the forest. The brand spent the past two years working to develop this Végétalex biodegradable sealant, with an aim toward reducing their environmental impact.

Located in Lugano, on the lake-laden border between Switzerland and Italy, the company wisely looked to olive pits to take the place of the hunks of latex that most other sealants employ. “Végétalex contains only plant-based particles and fibers – finely ground olive stones and cellulose fibers – to deliver a tremendous puncture clogging effect. This mix, held together by xanthan gum (produced from simple sugars), fixes punctures ranging from small tire porosities to bigger cuts (up to 5 mm) fast and permanently.”

On the longevity front, Effetto Mariposa says that the sealant will last for three months in porous tires and extremely hot conditions, and up to six months in sturdier tires. They also claim that it works to seal punctures in tubes.

Bagless riders will be happy to know that Végétalex is CO2 tested and approved, so there’s no need to pack a bulky pump. The sealant is also supposed to be easier to clean off of your bike or clothing, since it “doesn’t contain pigments or quickly solidifying polymers.”

Végétalex will be available at your local Effetto Mariposa dealer in 1000ml bottles for $29.99 (€24.99) in September.